3 flower trends this year 2017

Fall is already here, we’ve already seen many floral design ideas from the spring and summers.  If you still have no ideas what is on trends now, and have no idea when you need planning a wedding, hosting an event, or simply decorating your home for the season, or just need a flower gateway trip. It’s not late to get inspiration from us. Just get ready to see these trends of flowers, colors, and arrangement ideas.

  1. Dahlias

Dahlias is coming at the end of summer, and just fully bloom in the fall seasons. With so many beautiful varieties, dahlias can be so versatile. “Cafe au Lait,” “Labyrinth,” and “Peaches N’ Cream” will be some of the most popular varieties this year, according to Floret Flowers founder Erin Benzakein.

photo from Floret Flowers
photo from Floret Flowers

2. Fresh Farm Flower

A fresh farm flower is on trend on, since many people like to go on the flower farm to pick their own flowers and also it’s exciting gateway from busy work. This idea is  similar to the farm-to-table trend, more and more people are seeking out fresh flowers that come straight from U.S. farms, according to the New York Times. Rather than buying blooms from South America picked more than a week before they arrive at your door, consumers are demanding local varieties from American farmers.

We’ve just say that Dahlias is the trend of this year. I got the chance fly to Toronto to visit one local dahlias farm there,  Andrews’ Scenic Acres.  Let’s see the beautiful dahlias flower field from Canada.

image2 (1)

photos from author

3. Sweet Treats of Cake Flowers. 

Sweet treats is always good when it with flowers. Can you just say no to a cakes with beautiful flowers? And now, the trend away from oversized wedding cakes and more toward sweets tables has allowed for more opportunities to creatively incorporate flowers into cake designs and table decor.


Photo from Floret Flowers


What other flower trends are you seeing now?  Please do not shy to share your thoughts and leave a comment for us!


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